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My services are available to all, regardless of age, marital status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or income. Every woman who wants a doula should have a doula. I offer both Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula services.

As a Birth Doula I am glad to work with mothers birthing in hospitals, at home, and at birthing centers. I respect a mom's choice to have a non-medicalized birth, to make use of pain relief options, or to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean). If the hospital allows it, I will attend scheduled Cesarean sections as well.

Postpartum Doula Support will begin sometime following the birth of the baby. This can be immediate after birth or any other time during the fourth trimester and can last a few weeks or in some cases up to a year. I will schedule as many visits with you for as long as needed until you feel fully supported with your new addition. These visits always take place in your home and usually lasts from 3 to 8 hours.

Included in either the Birth Doula or Postpartum Doula package are unlimited phone calls and emails, access to a lending library which includes both books and videos, and 24 hour on-call availability. As a Birth Doula I will be available around the clock 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after your estimated due date.

It is my personal goal that every woman have a completely supported and informed birth. That all women are able to enjoy their first weeks and months with their baby and feel completely supported through this transition. I realize in many cases finances is what stops women from hiring a doula. DO NOT let that be you. I have a sliding scale and am committed to always working something out.