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Both of my birth stories have made me a stronger and more empathetic mother, woman and friend. I hold the highest respect for women and mothers and am just in awe of the entire process surrounding pregnancy, birth and beyond. It is an honour to be asked to share in a mothers journey and the overall creation of a family in all it’s forms.

I have always believed in the philosophy that it takes a village to have and raise children. That no woman, or family, should undergo the transition of becoming a mother alone. This was something I was able to experience first hand in my time as a Peace Corps volunteer, based in West Africa. Here I witnessed the importance of having a birth partner (Doula) at the labor and in the months following the birth. The level of compassion, integrity and sensitivity of women supporting women that I witnessed was astounding. Traits that I have strived to incorporate into my own life.

I have been trained in the US by a DONA certified trainer and in the UK by an organization called Nurturing Birth. I am now in the process of working towards becoming both a Birth and Postpartum certified Doula.

About me

Having grown up in Berkshire County, I recently moved back to the United States after 20 years abroad. A large portion of my years living overseas were spent in post conflict Africa where I worked directly with women and children, empowering them in their communities after surviving years of war. For the past five years I have been living in London, working for an international human rights organization, meeting and marrying my wonderful husband and giving birth to two wonderous boys.

Becoming pregnant and giving birth has been a life changing experience. Due to being an “older” mother combined with a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, both my pregnancies were classified as high risk. In both cases I was induced in hospital, where one child was born by forceps while the other I pushed out without assistance. Although both of these pregnancies and births were considered extremely medicalized, overall I had amazing births and would not change either one. And I know that experiencing two successful high-risk pregnancies allows me to understand and support those who also fall into the high risk category.